F-Troop Is Back On Track

For everyone who enjoyed watching the #93 F-Troop Purple Pinto embarass the Porsches and Beemers last year, get ready for twice the fun. There will be two, count-em two, cars representing F-Troop this year.

Brian Walsh will return behind the wheel of the #93 1971 Ford Purple Pinto, and original F-Trooper Chauncey Wallace will pilot the #40 F-Troop 1982 Mazda RX-7. Looks like everybody else will be running for 3rd place.

Top Campsites To Be Recognized

Sebring International Raceway (SIR) will designate a "Campsite of the Year" this year, which is also F-Troop's 40th Anniversary at the 12 Hour. According to SIR, F-Troop hosts the track's most famous site. Read the article here.

Bunkhouse Bash Next Weekend

Continuing what has become an annual tradition, F-Troop will get warmed up for the 12 Hour with an all-day (and night?) bash at the bunkhouse in Bradenton on Staturday, February 24th. F-Troop 40th anniversary tee shirts and other stuff will be on sale. Join us the next day for the Annual Rubonia Parade.